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Barre Butt

I love heading to the barre. Not the “bar” bar, like I used to back when I was in college, but the BARRE..

Now, I know it’s a huge trend and is currently a super ‘hip’ workout. To be fair, I first hit the barre back when Sadie, my 6.5 year old daughter was first born. I was desperate to find something to thwart my (even jigglier!) belly and bigger hips and thighs.

It was so freaking hard. Like, SO freaking hard. I was shaking like crazy, and was embarrassed to even watch myself in the mirror. Hell, one time I even FELL off the barre. That was fun.  Super cool.

But now, after trying out many different types of barre classes – The Bar Method, Pure Barre, Cardio Barre, Barre 3, The Daily Method, and more ‘homegrown’ barre classes at my local gym – I am much stronger, shake less, can go down lower, and most importantly, I love it.

I love the soreness that ALWAYS comes the next day, or the day after (!!) and I love the happy, complete feeling I get when I walk out of the room.

Yeah, I’m not always like, LOOKING the part – not shrouded in Lulu, not having fancy jewelry, not wearing makeup (who DOES that?) not being a size, like -4, but you know what? Who the heck cares?! I love it, it’s my addiction, and ya know.. It’s a *healthy* addiction, so hey! 🙌🏼

My body like, LOOKS a little different… – having my two girls put the nail in the proverbial (body) coffin for that- I’m wider, lumpier, bumpier, flabbier, but also stronger. Not that I’m a pro.. Good Lord, no. I still have to go on my knees for some of the push-ups and planks.. And I still look like a complete goober 87% of the time. But I’m working on getting that highly talked about and desired “ledge..”  Real speak? I want a better butt. One that doesn’t start off cool at the top, but then fall off a cliff and crash and burn towards the bottom. Ugh. It’s like, ‘semi cool’,  but if I wear the wrong undies.. Forgettaboutit…..

So for now, I’ll keep feeding my trendy, fun addition. Keep getting the barre high, keep giggling at myself in class when I do the wrong move or shake uncontrollably.. and keep getting stronger… both physically and mentally.


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