The Bug and the Bean

Since Sadie was still in my belly, I began creating nicknames for my kids. Gosh, for that matter, my husband, Terry, literally has like 16 names. For real. Poor fella has answered to random names like: Da Bird, Terrus Bearus, Terry Berry, Tone Loc, and even Bony for over 16 years.

Ehh, he signed up for it. He knew going in I was a little weird. 😝

Sadie has about 15 names of her own. It started  on the night I brought her home from the hospital, and was pacing around the living room, holding her and rocking her to sleep. For hours. All night. Who does that?  (I had no clue what I was doing) Anyway, I started calling her Goosey Loosey. Six years later and she’s racked up names like:  Lucy, Lucille, Bug, Boobies (not sure where that one came from) Zuzu, Say, Saders, Zuzubear, Sadiebug, Stitch, Bugsters – all of which she answers to.

Coming in with the silver medal, only because she’s like 4 years younger, is SydneyBean.

This wee one has accumulated some pretty good ones too. She always answers with a loud “YEAH?!” when we say “Bean!” “Z!!” “Chunker Monker!” “Beanybaby!” “Squidward!” and whatever random other names pop out mid frustrated yell-  I bet you can relate… 😜

God, half the time we don’t even know who we’re talking about, or even to!? “T-dizzle, Twinkytoes, or even Android..”  Oh well, it makes life more interesting!



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